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Significant opportunities exist to work with Leaf Resources in relation to the development of the Glycell process and future infrastructure developments. We welcome discussion with specialist organisations in associated industries.

Memoranda of understanding

Leaf Resources has agreements in place with key organisations including:


ZeaChem has built and operates a multi-million dollar, 10 bone dry ton per day input, 250,000 gal per year ethanol or equivalent biochemical output, demonstration plant in Boardman, Oregon USA. ZeaChem is actively engineering its first Commercial project, which will be located adjacent to the demonstration plant and is continuously developing a portfolio of projects that will follow behind Boardman throughout the United States and around the world.

Monaghan Biosciences

Part of the second largest mushroom producer in world, Monaghan Biosciences, is working with Leaf Resources on a range of projects including a bankable feasibility study associated with using spent mushroom compost as biomass.

Norske Skog Australia

Leaf Resources and Norske Skog Australia are working together to investigate using the Glycell process to convert Radiata Pine to cellulosic sugars and the subsequent conversion of those sugars to renewable chemicals.

Large international Australian agricultural company

Leaf Resources and a large international Australian agricultural company (name withheld for commercial in confidence reasons) are currently testing agricultural waste with Glycell to potentially establish a commercial operation in Australia.


Licensing opportunities

Leaf welcomes discussions with companies seeking advanced second generation sugar production platform on a technology licencing basis or to joint venture with in a project.

Leaf Resources is currently dealing with several companies on licensing opportunities. For example, we are engaging with potential partners to discuss building of our first commercial facility, either through a license or joint venture arrangement.

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