How GlycellTM compares

Glycell Advantages

The following section outlines the distinct technological and economic advantages that the Glycell suite of pretreatment processes has over existing technologies.

Unique glycerol chemistry

The Glycell process uses naturally biodegradable glycerol sourced as a by-product (crude) of the bio-diesel industry. The advanced engineering design of the Glycell process enables additional value to be obtained by recycling and purifying the glycerol according to the design and scale of the plant in use. This unique capacity significantly reduces operating costs of a biomass conversion plant.

Cost effective operations

The Glycell process technology operates at lower temperature and pressure conditions, resulting in lower operating costs. In demonstration, the technology has significantly shorter processing times, and can be transferred and applied at any scale of operation.

Improved cellulose production and conversion

Testing at 5 tonnes per day have proven that the Glycell process generates significantly larger yields of cellulose than conventional pretreatment approaches. Additional to this validation, Glycell pretreated biomass is shown to have much greater enzyme kinetics for cellulose to sugar conversion, and the lower heat and temperature process requirements enable ‘cleaner’ (more enriched with less decomposition) sugars to be produced.



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