What is HybritechTM

Hybritech Platform

The Hybritech platform utilises the Glycell process and allows for the switching of a common equipment train, as utilised in pulp production, between pulp production and the production of cellulosic sugars for bio-products.

The process can be externally or internally integrated into chemical pulp mills. In this way a paper and pulp producer has the option of producing cellulosic sugars for bio-products or pulp, thereby adding a new flexibility to their operations. Hybritech is particularly suitable for companies with chemical (Kraft) pulp mill operations.


Flexible  I Versatile

How does HybriTech operate?

Cellulosic Sugar Mode

In bio pretreatment (CS) mode, HybritechTM uses GlycellTM based pretreatment in combination with other agents (optional) depending on the raw material for optimizing sugar yield and downstream processing, for example enzymatic hydrolysis.



Fibre Technology Mode

In pulp (FT) mode, HybriTech uses proven process technology for producing a range of pulp property profiles at optimized chemical application (such as Kraft), digestion conditions and specific energy consumption. Semi chemical pulping, high yield Kraft or CTMP pulping including steps of impregnation, digestion, refining and dewatering/washing before common equipment unit operations to enable the Hybritech strategy.


Looking Forward

Envisaged applications

The hybrid satellite can be a separate bolt-on line external to existing pulp mill equipment or re-purposed equipment from within the pulp mill.

The biomass feedstock is fed into the same equipment train as used in CS mode. The pulping process converts the biomass into a pulp suitable for the integrated pulp & papermaking (P&P) operations.

The global pulp and paper industry are the largest aggregators of plant biomass in the world, utilising soft and hard woods for pulp, paper & fibre products. A Hybritech integrated mill can use the biomass supply available to pursue long-term sustainable and profitable strategies during ever evolving and cyclical markets in either pulp or cellulosic sugars.

The HybriTech platform is available for licencing under the GlycellTM Suite of Technologies.

If you would like to discuss how Hybritech can integrate into your current system, please contact us here.


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