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Edison Investment Research

Leaf Resources has appointed Edison Investment Research to carry out analytical investment research on the Company. This will be in the form of periodic reports which will be made available to the general public and may be viewed hereunder.

These will be complied by Edison solely on the basis of information already in the public arena. Any forward looking statements and projections contained therein reflect solely the views of Edison themselves.



Executive Interview with Ken Richards

In this video interview, Managing Director Ken Richards discusses the company's background , and how Leaf Resources differentiates itself from other industrial biotechnology companies. He explains that the company has a competitive advantage in terms of efficiency and Leaf's ability to deliver the end product at a low price.

Ken goes on to discuss Leaf's strategy to monetize the potential of the GlycellTM process, the potential for projects and the possibility of generating additional revenue streams from co-products in the future.


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