Leaf Resources has developed and is offering a new pretreatment technology that enables plant biomass to be converted efficiently and economically to highly usable cellulose products. The cellulose can be taken as a starting material to produce higher value biofuels, bioplastics and green chemicals.

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Cellulose is extracted from plant biomass, and sugars are released from cellulose. These sugars are the primary building blocks for the production of a vast array of bio-based chemicals, plastics and advanced materials which can be used in virtually all of today’s industrial and manufacturing processes.

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Leaf Resources believes that partnering with industry leaders across the breadth of product supply chains will bring synergies and speed the commercial adaption of our production process technology in a capital-efficient manner. Leaf sees this path as an effective means of deployment to multiple plants in diverse settings and the opportunity to further innovation in both product and process technologies.

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Sofinnova Partners Renewable Chemistry Start Up Award






By public vote, Leaf Resources the only Australian nominee, secured a Top 5   Finalist position for the Sofinnova Partners Renewable Chemistry Start-up Awards. 




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